To become a member of Local 130's Sick Benefit Plan, you must fill out an application and add $5.00 per month with your Union dues.

Sick pay is paid in the following manner. After being a member of the Sick Relief Fund for:

6-months...30% of benefits

1-year...40% of benefits

2-year...50% of benefits

3-year...60% of benefits

4-year...70% of benefits

5-year...full benefits ($80.00 per week)

You must be out of work 2 full weeks to receive your first week's pay. You can collect a total of 6 weeks, and then you have a lapse period of 6 weeks. Your second 6 weeks will be paid at a rate of 75% of the original payment. After an additional 6 weeks elapse, you can collect 6 weeks at a rate of 50% of the original payment. From this point on, you will receive 50% of the original payment per week with intervals of 6 weeks. Maximum benefits will not be paid more than once in a 12 month period.

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